MS in Technology Management Testimonials

Salman Qureshi

Class of 2009, Pakistan, Principal Software Engineer,

Salman Qureshi photo

“MS Tech provides a good balance between theory and practice, by binding the summer practicum with the concepts learned throughout the year. The program has helped me build up my analytical skills, necessary to understand the intricacies of a technology based business. It has been my pleasure to be part of a passionate group of students and working with faculty and staff who encourage creative input.”

Rohil Save

Class of 2009, India

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“MS-TECH is about networking, collaborating and competing with your classmates from all over the world. Its’ strength is derived equally from the course content, and the rich industry experience that students bring to the program. I believe that MS-TECH has been a turning point in my career. I have made great friends from many countries! Moreover it has changed the way I think and approach a problem since the time I joined this program. The faculty and classmates ensure that you not just become a visionary manager but you are reborn as a leader.”

Sean Chie

Class of 2008, Korea, LTE Program Manager, LG Electronics

Sean Chie photo

“I joined the program with hopes it would provide me with opportunities to gain relevant perspectives on managerial knowledge and specific comprehension of intellectual property and critical financial management skills. I also wanted to be able to expand my personal and professional contacts worldwide.”

Mohomed Abumansour

Class of 2007, Saudi Arabia Mobily

Mohomed Abumansour photo

“My decision to attend the MS in Technology Management program was based on my desire to attend a prestige program with a global reputation for academic excellence. MS in Technology Management was the best choice to equip me with an arsenal of business tools and ideas that would help me in the future. The program also expanded my knowledge and understanding of global business and trades.”

Haken Ayzit

Class of 2006, Turkey

Haken Ayzit photo

“For me, one of the best things about MS in Technology Management program is the friendships in class. I have met students from all over the world pursuing their graduate degrees. In terms of education, I have access to a variety of tools and information that allow me to study the emerging technologies in today's global market. I think the MS Tech program does an excellent job of stimulating collaboration between students with different backgrounds and cultures.”

Isaac Bonilla

Class of 2006, Ecuador, Quality Engineering Supervisor, General Motors Ecuador

Isaac Bonilla photo

“This has been the most exciting educational experience of my life. The MS in Technology Management program is an excellent program that fulfilled my expectations. Academic experience, experienced professors, innovative curriculum, and good friends from all over the world have been the key benefits of this program.”

Shanthala Balagopal

Class of 2007, United States , Product Manager, Wink People Search

Shanthala photo

“With students from across the globe, the MS in Technology Management experience not only teaches you the fundamentals of business, but also to discover unity in diversity; thereby grooming you to become global leaders. With innovatively organized programs to trigger creativity and managerial skills, you are trained to bring out the best in you.  The friendships with the staff and faculty along with classmates are something I will hold on to and cherish forever.”

Jeff Jones

Class of 2008 United States, Open Source Stewardship Team & Research and Development Center, State Farm

Jeff Jones photo

“I became interested in the MS in Technology Management program because it combines aspects of managing businesses with technology. The MS in Technology Management program provides a unique way to think about tomorrow's business challenges and how technology can be used to solve those challenges.”

Nathan Wright

Class of 2007, United States, MediWare Information Systems

Nathan Wright photo

“The MS in Technology Management program provided me an opportunity to be part of a world-class institution and take advantage of the benefits that come with it. The various backgrounds and cultures that make up the student population in the program contributed to a well-rounded and enjoyable classroom experience.”

Kenji Isuzugawa

Class of 2006, Japan

Kenji Isuzugawa photo

“I have learned a lot from my MS in Technology Management classmates - each of whom has a variety of experience, knowledge and interest - as well as from the excellent faculty. This was really the fantastic experience for me.”

Helen Lu

Class of 2008, Taiwan

Helen Lu photo

“The courses are very practical, and they correlate well with the technology aspect of business - I especially enjoy the case discussions. Classmates from different backgrounds and cultures provide new perspectives which always amaze and inspire me.”

Siri Tangka-aree

Class of 2007, Thailand, Programmer Analyst, D.S.T.i. International

Siri Tangka-aree photo

“I feel that core concepts from the MS in Technology Management program are extremely useful and applicable in my career development and I am very impressed with the contributions from both professors and classmates through an academic year. I have gained valuable experience and lasting friendships from this program.”

Julia Chou

Class of 2006, Taiwan, New Product Planning, Synaptics Inc

Julia Chou photo

“The MS in Technology Management program really opened my eyes to the latest technology and management trends. I appreciate most the practical approach in learning how technology impacts every aspect of business and management. Each course in MS in Technology Management serves this purpose and matches the needs of future business leaders and executives.”

Zoaib Nafar

Class of 2008 Pakistan, Technical Sales, IBM

Zoaib Nafar photo

“The best aspect of the MS in Technology Management program has been the extensive use of case studies and group work. The practical knowledge gained from these cases, coupled with the experience of studying with people from different parts of the world, helps prepare for the challenges one is likely to encounter in a real business environment.”

Daniel Ayimadu

Class of 2007, Ghana, ADM

Daniel Ayimadu photo

“MS in Technology Management has honed and shaped me to be the best person I can be. This is really a great program that has helped me bridge the gap between my engineering and business skills. Working with peers of different backgrounds and cultures has enlightened me to see how people of diverse nationalities can work together as a team to achieve a common goal.  The program has the best faculty and administrative staff -- always available to work with you.”

Allen Shtiwi

Class of 2006, Jordan, Project Manager, eSense Software

Allen Shtiwi photo

“Professional instructors, valuable classes, well-organized program, and experienced international students were the strengths of MS in Technology Management program at UIUC. I could not have imagined myself anywhere else.”

Ankit Chandra

Class of 2008, United States, Supercomputing Applications Research Programmer, NCSA

Ankit Chandra photo

“What motivated me to enroll was the realization that technological organizations need people proficient in both technology and business - a rare combination. The University of Illinois is a great school with a one year, novel program that fit in very well with my plans.”

Hao-Chieh Huang

Class of 2007, Taiwan, Sinbon Electronics

Eric Huang photo

“The MS in Technology Management program is the right combination of technology, knowledge and the real business environment. This degree is essential for me to complement my engineering background with practical knowledge of how technology drives business. In addition, I have gained a lot from from the professor’s and the experience of my international classmates.”

James McFadyen

Class of 2006, United States, Toyota Logistics Services

“The MS in Technology Management program provided me with a hands-on perspective on the real business world with the classes selected for the program, along with the seminars and company visits. The friendships I have gained from this program provide me with lifelong friends along with professional worldwide network.”

Kenny Hu

Class of 2008, Taiwan

Kenny Hu photo

“I really like the atmosphere among all classmates; we are like a big family! The program serves as a wonderful resource for those that have studied engineering and wish to bolster their marketability through the acquisition of management tools and knowledge.”

Jonathan Lu

Class of 2007, Taiwan

Jonathan Lu photo

“MS in Technology Management is the bridge between my past engineering experience and the contemporary business world. I have built a complete business foundation from the knowledge that this program had provided me and believe I have a fantastic career future awaiting me.”

Sidhartha Bhandari

Class of 2006, United States, Business Consultant, Sapient Corporation

Sidhartha Bhandari photo

“The MS in Technology Mangement program is about passion: passion to achieve, to learn, to experiment and to grow. It offers a steep learning curve that the global business environment demands.”

CK Peng

Class of 2006, Taiwan, Senior Engineer, Corporate Planning, Mediatek

CK Peng photo

“After an almost 9 year career in engineering, I was chosen as a staff member of the Corporate Planning Office. The MS-TECH degree really makes my career path broader and even more interesting than my expectation...I am excited about the upcoming challenge and will do my best to contribute the skills learned from MS-TECH.”

Jeff Hampson

Class of 2010, Technology Director SRA Platinum Solutions

Jeff Hampson photo

“ To be successful one must be creative in his/her design, planning, communication and application of a given technology, as well as the patience and determination to see it all through to the end. Like anything, these are things that cannot be accomplished without the right set of tools. The MSTM program has provided them to me. My time at MSTM was an invaluable engaging and enlightening experience, it opened my eyes to what more I could accomplish with knowledge I never knew I was missing. I wish I could do it all over again; I have since never enjoyed learning as much as I did there.”

Chien-wen "Cherie" Hou

Class of 2010, Senior consultant PwC, Taiwan

Cherie Hou photo

“ Attending MSTM program in UIUC, I possess unique multicultural experience, professional knowledge, and negotiation skill. Those nurture me to thrive in a challenging, changing, and competitive working environment. ”

Kyunggu (Daniel) Kim

Class of 2011, Senior Manager/Strategy Planning Group, Business Support Department, Production engineering Research Institute, LG Electronics

Daniel Kim photo

“ Diversity will make you have a special network in business world. ”

Chin-Chou Johnny Ko

Class of 2010, International Marketing Representative at Sinyork Co., Ltd

Johnny Ko photo

“ The MSTM program provides a multinational environment, which inspires my creative thinking and enhances my leadership skill. ”

Apoorv Thakur

Class of 2009, Lead Quality Assurance and Product Specialist at Office Drop

Apoorv Thakur photo

“ Experience and perspective on business things which I knew existed but never actually noticed. Post MSTM was able to capitalize on my learning and give career a boost and change. ”

Mark Nelson

Class of 2010, Project Manager (Resolute Hospital and Professional Billing Claims Implementation) at Epic Systems

Mark Nelson photo

“ The Masters in Technology Management Program provided me with the skills, hard and soft, to excel in the Healthcare Electronic Medical Record industry as a project manager. Without the experience I gained from the program, I would not be nearly as well equipped to handle such a fast paced and changing business environment. ”

Renata Yussspova

Class of 2011, System and Process Assurance Consultant at PwC

Renata Yussapova photo

“ The Masters in Technology Management Program provided me with the skills, hard and soft, to excel in the Healthcare Electronic Medical Record industry as a project manager. Without the experience I gained from the program, I would not be nearly as well equipped to handle such a fast paced and changing business environment. ”

Seungyoon (Daphne) Paik

Class of 2011, Sogang University MBA/Illinois MSTM Joint Alumni

Daphne Paik photo

“ The MS in Technology Management program provided me a great opportunity to prepare to be a global leader. Through the program, I've earned great friends along with professional global network. ”


Prathima Koppolu

Class of 2011, Head Sales at Mojo Street

Prathima Koppolu photo

“ MSTM - Program which calls on diverse brilliant minds together to work on innovation and creativity in Business. Helps you think and encourages you to be the best in whatever you do.... ”

Melih Serhat Sahiner

Class of 2011, CPA

Melih Sahiner photo

“ The most outstanding feature of the MSTM program is its success in reformulation of essential business curriculum for a better understanding and managing of a technology-intensive business environment. ”

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