What You Gain

A Distinguished Degree for Managerial Success

Our innovative curriculum is focused on developing both essential business management and analytical expertise, with the role of technology as its common theme. Whether you are an engineer seeking to develop sharper business acumen or a business person pursuing precise methodological skills, this Technology Management Program will strengthen your effectiveness as a leader in any organization. In particular, you will become Champions of Innovation by:

  • Learning to combine your newly developed technical knowledge and problem solving skills with effective business management practices and decision making skills to steer your team and organization in the right direction.
  • Obtaining a firm understanding of technology strategy and its role in shaping the future of any organization.
  • Gaining a deep appreciation for using intellectual property in formulating strategy and in defending competitive position.
  • Sharpening your insight into the importance of successful product or service development and learn to use that keen intuition in today's world of short product life cycles, increased competition, and rapidly changing consumer preferences.
  • Mastering vital financial management skills and learn how to make corporate investment decisions as governed by risk and strategic objectives.
  • Learning best practices from around the world through working closely on team projects with people from a variety of professional and cultural backgrounds.
  • Enjoying a vibrant and rewarding experience, enrich your capacity to learn new concepts, think critically, and prepare for the challenges of tomorrow.

Create Your Future… Differentiate Yourself

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