Why Technology Management?

Dean Larry DeBrock

Dean's Message

Technology has become a major driving force and is closely aligned with the core competency for many of today's industries. Technology's impact on management has created a demand for an entirely new type of leader. These emerging leaders must be able to effectively guide their organizations into the future, uninhibited by continuing technical advancements and the increasing reliance on technology to remain competitive.

Technology has forced us to re-evaluate all aspects of business operations including communication patterns, the flow of information, new product development, new technology implementation, and understanding global issues effected or enhanced by the use of technology. To meet the demand for professionals to lead these businesses, the College of Business is pleased to offer the Master of Science in Technology Management Program.

The MS in Technology Management Program capitalizes on the strengths of the College of Business and positions it, and the University of Illinois, as a leading institution in technology management. It provides a core business management curriculum tailored to technology, combined with highly focused program elements to further enhance the learning experience.

I invite you to learn more about this special program.

— Dean Larry DeBrock


For a quick look at the MS in Technology Management Program, please see our brochure.

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